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Get your DjVus ready for your favourite ebook reader by converting them to Epub

Our smart online converter is designed to convert DjVu files into Epub books. Despite DjVu is not a very popular format, it is really great to great books and documents with complex tables, a lot of graphic images, and difficult formulas. At the same time, it takes very little space in the device memory. Unlike PDF, there are no any issues with displaying fonts. So, it helps with great technical instructions, reference books, etc.

The only bad thing is that DjVu file does not fit the document to the device screen. For example, if you read the file on a mobile device, you will have to scroll the page right or left. Is that possible to fix the issue? Convert your DjVu book into the Epub format.

With this format, you will be able to read the electronic publications on any device with any screen size. It allows changing the font according to the application settings, and watching images.

There are many tools to convert DjVu into Epub. However, most of them cannot cope with complex layout and graphic images. For example, such a popular tool as Calibre cannot process the images properly, that is why the Epub files are almost unreadable. Our service is the only DjVu to Epub converter, which can handle images. It uses the innovative algorithms to provide the greatest results. Use is the only option to convert your documents without quality loss It has an intuitive interface and is available on any device with internet access. To use it, upload the DjVu file and click on Convert button.

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